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Outstanding Persons

Grosul, Iachim

The first President of the ASM (1961), historian and corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1966), Honored Scientist of the MSSR (1967). Is decorated with the Order of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Banner, Order of Peoples Friendship.

Toderas, Ion

Academician, Doctor Habilitate in Biology, professor.

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Ion  Ciobanu Ion Ciobanu
Academy of Sciences of MoldovaInstitute of Cultural Heritage, Department Member

Medieval necropolis from Lozova-La hotar cu Vornicenii. The results of 2014-2015 researchs The authors present the preliminary results of archaeological research in the period 2014-2015, carried out in the area of the medieval necropolis from Lozova-La hotar cu Vornicenii. (Straseni). The two undertaken archaeological campaigns aimed at continued systematic excavations carried out within two projects for young researchers, funded by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, during which up to date 106 tombs, of which 52 funerary complexes in the years 2014-2015, were discovered. They belonged to...

Juan-José  Marcos García Juan-José Marcos García
Bookmarked by Emil Dragnev

Short manual of Latin Paleography (82 pages containing many illustrations). An overview on Capitalis elegans, capitalis rustica, uncialis, semiuncialis, antiqua cursiva romana, merovingia, insularis majuscula, insularis minuscula, visigothica, beneventana, carolina minuscula, gothica rotunda, gothica textura prescissa, gothica textura quadrata, gothica cursiva, gothica bastarda and humanistica scripts. Please send comments. It is also available a Spanish version of this manual. Last updated January 2017

Rusu Rodica
Bookmarked by Victor Moraru

This essay explores the strong and weak aspects of Moldovan Communities formation abroad. As the Moldovan Diaspora is not yet established, the process is at the beginning, the formula Moldovan Communities Abroad is accepted. Authors referred to the role of Moldovan Communities in maintaining and promoting cultural, national values in the host countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal. Also, the relations between Moldovan Communities Abroad and authorities from Republic of Moldova to strengthening the dialog are analyzed. The Scientific Diaspora is treated as a type of Diaspora which contributes to...

Katharina  Niemeyer Katharina Niemeyer
Université Paris II - Panthéon-AssasCentre for Interdisciplinary Research and Analysis of the Media (CARISM), Faculty Member

Keywords: vintage, media, nostalgia, digital, analogue The term ‘vintage’ is common in our modern-day vocabulary. The concept to which it refers is familiar in the fields of oenology and fashion studies but has also, more recently, appeared in those of media and cultural studies. However, a theoretical and historical exploration of its evolution prior to the 20th century is still missing from much literature. This article is a first attempt to fill this gap by discussing patterns of vintage in contrast to retro and kitsch (notions with which it is often blurred). Vintage and its...

David DeMatthews David DeMatthews
University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)Educational Leadership, Faculty Member

The role of superintendents in adopting and developing dual language education and other equity-oriented reforms that support the unique needs of Latina/o emergent bilinguals is a relatively unexplored area in educational leadership and policy resea rch. Drawing upon theories of social justice leadership, this article examines how one superintendent in the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) engaged in leadership to address injustices against Mexican and Mexican-American emergent bilinguals through the implementation of district-wide dual language education. EPISD provided a...

Jesse M.  Keenan, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M., M.Sc., A.M., ASCE Jesse M. Keenan, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M., M.Sc., A.M., ASCE
Harvard UniversityGraduate School of Design, Faculty Member Dr. Jesse Keenan, of Harvard University, joins Doug Parsons on the first episode of America Adapts of 2017! Dr. Keenan is a member of the faculty of the Graduate School of Design where he teaches courses and conducts research in the fields of real estate development, design-development management and technology and climate adaptation science. Jesse wears several hats: academic, public and professional. In their conversation, Doug and Jesse dig into the origins of adaptation...

Wessam  Mohamed Wessam Mohamed
Alexandria UniversityDepartment of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty Member

The impact of social networks in the development of university education courses & the cultural, social and political relations between young people in different countries of the world أثر شبكات التواصل الإجتماعي في تطوير تعليم المقررات الجامعية والعلاقات الثقافية والاجتماعية والسياسية بين الشباب في دول العالم المختلفة The research paper submitted to The Fourth International Scientific Conference of the Egyptian Council for Curriculum and Instruction ورقة عمل بحثية مقدمة إلي المؤتمر العلمي الدولي الرابع للجمعية المصرية للمناهج وطرق التدريس Prepared By Dr; Wessam Mohammed Ibrahim...

Timur B. Davletov Timur B. Davletov
Hacettepe UniversitySociologyGraduate Student

Davletov, Timur (2016) “Türk Dünyası Müzik Eğitim Birliği’nin Kurulduğundan Haberiniz Var Mı?” [Do You Know the International Society of Turkic World For Music Education Has Been Established?], Korkut Ata Türk Kültürü Dergisi [Korkut Ata Turkic Culture Journal], Sayı/Issue: 2, Yil/Year: 1, 10 Aralık/December 2016, Izmir, ss/pp.: 44-45;

Rebecca Tarlau Rebecca Tarlau
Stanford UniversityGraduate School of Education, Post-Doc

The Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST) is one of the largest and most influential social movements in Latin America. Since the very beginning of the movement's agrarian reform struggle, MST leaders have developed a broad-based program of leadership, political training, and education for all participants in the movement. The MST's educational demands are organically connected to the movement's attempt to create, in the present, a new social order based on social justice, participatory democracy, autonomy, and humanistic and socialist values. The goal of this article is to introduce to...

Khaldoun Zreik
Universite Paris-8, FranceHypermedia, Faculty Member

Academia, 251 Kearny St., Suite 520, San Francisco, CA, 94108

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LISTA lucrărilor ştiinţifice publicate şi a titlurilor de protecţie obţinute de comunitatea ştiinţifică din Republica Moldova în anul 2016.
Lista publicațiilor științifice înregistrează cantitativ, realizările științifice efectuate în cadrul priorităților de bază ale activității din sfera științei și inovării în anul 2014, reprezentând o anexă a Raportului General al Academiei de Științe a Moldovei. Structura lucrării reflectă aria cercetărilor ştiinţifice în următoarele domenii: Științe Naturale și Exacte, Științe Inginerești și Tehnologice, Științe Medicale, Științe Agricole, Științe Sociale și Economice, Științe Umanistice și Arte.
Arta Moldovei, 1975 2005, Teatru. Cinematografie, Volumul III
Volumul final, Teatru şi cinematografie, al bibliografiei retrospective Arta Moldovei 19752005, este rodul unei ample cercetări bibliografice, desfăşurate prin identificarea, selectarea şi sintetizarea informaţiilor din Bibliografia Naţională a Republicii Moldova (19752005), aparatului informativbibliografic al Bibliotecii Naţionale a Moldovei şi Bibliotecii Municipale B. P. Hasdeu, fondul Bibliotecii Ştiinţifice Centrale A. Lupan a AŞM, prin consultarea de visu a publicaţiilor cercetătorilor ştiinţifici în domeniul artei teatrale şi cinematografice, materialelor conferinţelor ştiinţifice, culegerilor şi revistelor de artă, enciclopediilor.
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Thematic bulletins

Thematic bulletins

Ecology, stress, adaptation. Fasc. 20
Ecology, stress, adaptation. Fasc. 20
Author: Lidia Zasavitsky
Science in Moldova
Thematic bulletin. Fasc. 8, 2015
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Subject bibliographic index

Problemele resurselor acvatice din Moldova
Problemele resurselor acvatice din Moldova
Alcatuitor: Valentina Gurieva
Resursele Naturale al Republicii Moldova
Creşterea interesului către literatura etnografică regională a avut loc în 1990, în legătură cu achiziţia de Republica Moldova statului de stat independent. Atunci a apărut posibilitatea de a lucra asupra problemelor plaiului natal numai în republica sa. Fişierul etnografic tematic retrospectiv Resursele Naturale al Republicii Moldova a fost alcătuit în anul 2012, fiind sursa principală de informaţii ( ann. 1990 2012) despre existenţa şi utilizarea resurselor naturale, starea şi problemele mediului ambiant în Republica Moldova.




Colecțiile de cărți adăugate în luna August în categoria E-bibliotecă


Radu Mihai CRIŞAN
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News (2017-02-25) Details


Cea mai frumoasă bibliotecă din lume se află în România (2015-09-21)

Chiar dacă în România această bibliotecă nu este cunoscută, se pare că străinii o apreciază. Mai mult de 400.000 de utilizatori au votat în cadrul unui sondaj creat pe Sondajul are până acum 12 zile de când a fost creat, iar în urma voturilor, Biblioteca Universităţii Tehnice din Iaşi a fost desemnată cea mai frumoasă bibliotecă din lume. Details


Promovarea culturii în Basarabia: Revista Societăţii Istorico-Arheologice Bisericeşti din Basarabia.
(Chiosa Igor)

Article emphasize aspects less widely publicised in the history of bessarabian pres in the first half of the century XX. Emphazis is on Historical-Archaeological Church society magazine. Years occured during the period 1909-1934 in a fire dampers 24 volumes, magazine contains studies wich reflects former history between the Prut river and Dniester rivers, in particular local church history, though not purely secular themes are missing from magazine pages. The article is the atempt to familiarise the reader with magazine and to make a trip summary through the topics covered on the pages. Details


Academicianul Nicolae Corlăteanu personalitate ilustră a filologiei române (2015-05-12)

La 14 mai 2015 comunitatea ştiinţifică din Republica Moldova va consemna o sută de ani din ziua naşterii academicianului Nicolae Corlăteanu, lingvist şi scriitor, om de cultură, academician, fondator al Şcolii ştiinţifice de lexicologie şi gramatică a limbii române în Republica Moldova. A publicat peste 550 de lucrări (monografii, studii, dicţionare, manuale, crestomaţii, programe didactice), a contribuit la organizarea ştiinţei academice. Cu această ocazie biblioteca vă invită să vizitaţi expoziţia cu genericul Academicianul Nicolae Corlăteanu organizator al ştiinţei academice. Expoziţia cuprinde un număr de 62 de documente. Details

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