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Outstanding Persons

Kidel, Alexandr

Library scientist, bibliolog, literary critic.

Stere, Constantin

Romanian politician, lawyer, publicist, scientist, writer.

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    of organization and functioning of the Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

    1. General Statements

    1.1. The Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (hereinafter referred to as the Library) is a structural subdivision of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

    1.2. The library functions according to the normative and legislative acts including Code of the Republic of Moldova on science and innovation Nr. 259-XV from 15.07.2004 (articles 73, 79, 116, 121, 125, 131); Decision of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the MSSR nr.18/111 from 25.09.63, Law on Libraries, Library Statute, SCSTD decisions of the ASM and other regulations related to library activity.

    1.3. The library carries out its activity aside political or ideological frames.

    1.4. The library is a budget unit, a juridical person, possessing a stamp with the State Emblem, its own name and the name of a patronate body, a current bank account and other attributes corresponding to its status.

    1.5. The library is financed from the state budget through the ASM Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development. Special funds based on donations, paid services and activities are additional sources to cover library’s costs.

    1.6. The library is subordinate to the ASM and the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development, is patronized by a member of the SCSTD that implements function of the President of the Information Librarian Council.

    1.7. The Rules for Library Usage establish a list of basic services and conditions of their rendering.

    1.8. The Library’s headquarters are situated on the Academy Street 5a, Chisinau, with a network of library’s branches located in the premises of the Academy of Sciences.

    2. Aims, Objectives and Activities

    2.1. The Library of the Academy is a scientific library of multisided profile. The Library sees its mission in creating conditions for support of science and education through creation and offer of modern informational products and services.

    2.2. In carrying out its duties Library works with all institutions and organizations of the Academy of Sciences, with all libraries, regardless of their type, with museums, archives and documentation and information centers inside the country and abroad.

    2.3. The Library performs following tasks:

    • current centralized and retrospective collection acquisition according to the thematic and typological plan;
    • collection acquisition takes into account priority of national publications, materials on fundamental and applied scientific researches in Moldova and need for rational use of allocated resources;
    • carrying out national and international exchange of publications of the Academy of Sciences and its institutions due to the conventions and agreements of collaboration with the academic libraries and scientific institutions in the Republic of Moldova and abroad;
    • ensuring stocktaking and preservation of library holding which is complex in structure. It has main collection, specialized collections of library branches, rare and valuable book collection, additional collections, exchange and reserve collection, and duplicate collection.
    • information support of scientific and research programs and projects (in the network of finance provision);
    • organizing reading rooms and their work according to current regulations;
    • providing readers with publications in reading rooms and at home according the norms for consulting the documents which are determined by a special regulation approved by the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences;
    • centralized cataloging and systematization of all incoming documents and conducting of traditional catalogue system of alphabetic and systematic catalogues;
    • creating its own documental databases;
    • developing an integrated system of informational assistance of Academic collaborators taking into account their scientific interests: compilation lists of new incoming publications, current and retrospective bibliographies, organization of exhibitions;
    • selective distribution of information as a form of differentiate informing of users on requested topics;
    • loaning publications on temporary basis to collective users by their interlibrary cards;
    • carrying out a scientific research on bibliology and information science, book history and bibliography, sociological aspects of books and reading, etc.;
    • exercising a function of methodological center for other libraries;
    • ensuring personnel training and professional development of the staff by organizing and participating in courses and professional internships, exchanges between libraries in the country and abroad, study circles, etc.;
    • carrying out printing, reprographic, binding services by using library’s equipment;
    • rendering of pay services according to current normative acts.

    2.4. The Library may be a member of the International Federation of Libraries Associations and Institutions (IFLA), of the Library Association of the Republic of Moldova, the Association of Bibliophiles of Moldova and other professional associations.

    3. Structure and Organization

    3.1. Organizational structure of the Library includes divisions which provide the main functions of the institution.

    3.2. Structure, staff and library functions are annually approved by the Director of the institution.

    3.3. The Library structure includes:

    4. The Library Administration

    4.1. The library is subordinate to the ASM Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development, is patronized by a member of the SCSTD that implements function of the President of the Information Librarian Council.

    4.2. The Library is headed by the Director who is appointed by the SCSTD of the Academy of Sciences.

    4.3. The deputy director is appointed by the Director of the Library.

    4.4. The Administrative Counsil is involved in the operative management of the Library. It forms the budget, examines problems of general organization.

    4.5. The Scientific Methodological Council is founded under the Director of the library. This is a collective consultative body for coordination of methodological work and improvement of all basic library activities..

    4.6. Major issues concerning Library’s activities are discussed at the meetings of the Information Librarian Council of the ASM SCSTD.

    4.7. The Director of the Library provides current management, represents the institution before other superior bodies, collaborates with other institutions, juridical and natural persons, is responsible for the whole activity of the Library, for its collections and finance, promotes personnel training, ensures the Moldovan Library’s Laws and discipline of the staff, performs functions and activities provided by law for managers of state institutions.

    4.8. The deputy director is responsible for the activity of the Library and fulfils this function along with the Director when he or she is absent.

    4.9. Service managers appointed by the Director organize activities of the departments and ensure the operative and qualitative functioning for the Library.

    4.10. Library workers are commissioned and dismissed by the Director on the proposal of the deputy director and service managers of the departments.

    4.11. The Director reports on the activities of the Library to the SCSTD of the Academy of Sciences by presenting an annual report about the work done.

    5. Final Statement

    5.1. Objectives, activities and responsibilities established by this Statute is supplemented by rules of the organization and functioning of the Library, the services of the departments, job descriptions, and other under the provisions of management and are approved by the Director (instructions, regulations, provisions, decisions, etc.).

    5.2 This Statute came into effect from the day it was approved by the SCSTD of the Academy of Sciences.



    LISTA lucrărilor ştiinţifice publicate şi a titlurilor de protecţie obţinute de comunitatea ştiinţifică din Republica Moldova în anul 2016.
    Lista publicațiilor științifice înregistrează cantitativ, realizările științifice efectuate în cadrul priorităților de bază ale activității din sfera științei și inovării în anul 2014, reprezentând o anexă a Raportului General al Academiei de Științe a Moldovei. Structura lucrării reflectă aria cercetărilor ştiinţifice în următoarele domenii: Științe Naturale și Exacte, Științe Inginerești și Tehnologice, Științe Medicale, Științe Agricole, Științe Sociale și Economice, Științe Umanistice și Arte.
    Arta Moldovei, 1975 2005, Teatru. Cinematografie, Volumul III
    Volumul final, Teatru şi cinematografie, al bibliografiei retrospective Arta Moldovei 19752005, este rodul unei ample cercetări bibliografice, desfăşurate prin identificarea, selectarea şi sintetizarea informaţiilor din Bibliografia Naţională a Republicii Moldova (19752005), aparatului informativbibliografic al Bibliotecii Naţionale a Moldovei şi Bibliotecii Municipale B. P. Hasdeu, fondul Bibliotecii Ştiinţifice Centrale A. Lupan a AŞM, prin consultarea de visu a publicaţiilor cercetătorilor ştiinţifici în domeniul artei teatrale şi cinematografice, materialelor conferinţelor ştiinţifice, culegerilor şi revistelor de artă, enciclopediilor.
    "" , .

    Thematic bulletins

    Thematic bulletins

    Ecology, stress, adaptation. Fasc. 20
    Ecology, stress, adaptation. Fasc. 20
    Author: Lidia Zasavitsky
    Science in Moldova
    Thematic bulletin. Fasc. 8, 2015
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    Subject bibliographic index

    Problemele resurselor acvatice din Moldova
    Problemele resurselor acvatice din Moldova
    Alcatuitor: Valentina Gurieva
    Resursele Naturale al Republicii Moldova
    Creşterea interesului către literatura etnografică regională a avut loc în 1990, în legătură cu achiziţia de Republica Moldova statului de stat independent. Atunci a apărut posibilitatea de a lucra asupra problemelor plaiului natal numai în republica sa. Fişierul etnografic tematic retrospectiv Resursele Naturale al Republicii Moldova a fost alcătuit în anul 2012, fiind sursa principală de informaţii ( ann. 1990 2012) despre existenţa şi utilizarea resurselor naturale, starea şi problemele mediului ambiant în Republica Moldova.




    Colecțiile de cărți adăugate în luna August în categoria E-bibliotecă


    Radu Mihai CRIŞAN
    "" , .


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    Cea mai frumoasă bibliotecă din lume se află în România (2015-09-21)

    Chiar dacă în România această bibliotecă nu este cunoscută, se pare că străinii o apreciază. Mai mult de 400.000 de utilizatori au votat în cadrul unui sondaj creat pe Sondajul are până acum 12 zile de când a fost creat, iar în urma voturilor, Biblioteca Universităţii Tehnice din Iaşi a fost desemnată cea mai frumoasă bibliotecă din lume. Details


    Promovarea culturii în Basarabia: Revista Societăţii Istorico-Arheologice Bisericeşti din Basarabia.
    (Chiosa Igor)

    Article emphasize aspects less widely publicised in the history of bessarabian pres in the first half of the century XX. Emphazis is on Historical-Archaeological Church society magazine. Years occured during the period 1909-1934 in a fire dampers 24 volumes, magazine contains studies wich reflects former history between the Prut river and Dniester rivers, in particular local church history, though not purely secular themes are missing from magazine pages. The article is the atempt to familiarise the reader with magazine and to make a trip summary through the topics covered on the pages. Details


    Academicianul Nicolae Corlăteanu personalitate ilustră a filologiei române (2015-05-12)

    La 14 mai 2015 comunitatea ştiinţifică din Republica Moldova va consemna o sută de ani din ziua naşterii academicianului Nicolae Corlăteanu, lingvist şi scriitor, om de cultură, academician, fondator al Şcolii ştiinţifice de lexicologie şi gramatică a limbii române în Republica Moldova. A publicat peste 550 de lucrări (monografii, studii, dicţionare, manuale, crestomaţii, programe didactice), a contribuit la organizarea ştiinţei academice. Cu această ocazie biblioteca vă invită să vizitaţi expoziţia cu genericul Academicianul Nicolae Corlăteanu organizator al ştiinţei academice. Expoziţia cuprinde un număr de 62 de documente. Details

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